Private "virtual" instruction is back!

June 2020

Take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Being quarantined at home can be challenging. And frustrating!

You can only spend so much time sitting around watching Netflix.

Why not use this time productively, putting it to good use with something that's going to help you?

Right now, for a very limited time, world-renowned bassist, author, and educator Jon Liebman is accepting a small number of private students for one-on-one, private bass lessons online.

This rare opportunity is only available for a very limited time, with extremely limited capacity.

As a bass player, you can seize this opportunity to bone up on your grooving ability, get good at walking bass lines, or finally get your sight reading together.

Or maybe there's something else you've been putting off that you're ready to conquer, once and for all.

The Benefits

Here are some of the ways Jon can help you when you study privately with him:

Get instant feedback

Jon will watch and listen to your bass playing, and provide an honest, straightforward critique, with actionable suggestions.

Identify your weaknesses

Chances are you're doing something wrong  you don't even know is wrong! Let Jon point out your bad habits, and help you wipe them out.

Build on your strengths

Learn how you can double down on the positive aspects of your abilities, as you transition to a higher level of bass player.

Develop confidence

Let Jon help you build confidence in you playing, showing you how to do things you've never done before on the bass!

Lessons will be one hour in length, via Facetime, Skype, or other mutually agreed-upon means. Jon will contact you directly regarding scheduling and logistics.

Students may request specific content for lessons, or leave it up to Jon to assess what's needed. Most likely, it will be a combination of the two!

This opportunity is subject to end abruptly, when the number of students as at maximum capacity, as determined by Jon.

Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Any student who makes a payment that cannot be honored will receive a full refund.

What Jon's students are saying

Jon Liebman has helped over 125,000 people all over the world become better bass players. 
Here's what a few of them have to say about their experience with him:


It’s so much fun it is to be learning and making music at the same time. Keep up the great work, Jon!

John B. 

 / Utah


Jon, you put me on a journey that will last me the rest of my life. I can never express to you how grateful I am!

Steve P.

/ Arkansas


Your lessons are always well organized and clear. Thanks, Jon, for sharing your secrets and techniques with us.

Renato G.Brazil

/ Brazil

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A Message From Jon

Though I've been asked many times about offering one-on-one private lessons., truthfully, it's something I haven't done in decades.

In light of the current world situation, however, and how requests for private lessons have been increasing dramatically, I thought now would be a good time to take a less-than-optimum scenario and turn it into something positive.

I look forward to sharing my bass knowledge and experience with you.


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